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May 2017

    Law School: A Faith Journey

    May 30, 2017

    I will never forget the night I received my first acceptance letter to one of the law schools I had applied to. A few hours before receiving this letter, I went to Haines Point in D.C. to spend some quiet time with the Lord. I remember telling myself that I was not going to focus on me but that I was going to lift up others in prayer. I wanted to be selfless during that time and put others needs before my own, so I lifted up prayers for my family, friends and those that were lost. Once I left Haines Point, I felt so refreshed and renewed. I remember driving home and instantly feeling a sense of peace. I walked into my apartment complex and decided to check the mail and I had a few letters. One letter was from a law school I applied to, which to my surprise, was an acceptance letter. Immediately, tears came running down my face and I began thanking the Lord.

    This was MAJOR for me because I wanted to go to law school SO bad but had many barriers that came my way. I had MY plans where I thought I would start immediately after college but it did not pan out that way. After college, I moved to a new city (DC) and began to acclimate myself to this new environment. I was working a fulltime job where I was underpaid and overworked, was in an accelerated Master’s program and attending LSAT prep courses three times a week. I also was trying to finalize the list of schools I wanted to apply to. On top of me working full time, pursuing my Master’s degree, having health concerns, financial woes, dealing with familial and romantic relationship issues, I did not do well on the exam. It hit me, I had to retake the LSAT exam. At that moment I felt tired and defeated. Although I had thoughts of wanting to give up, I still had a “BUT GOD” in my spirit. I now stand before you a law school graduate. This is a reminder, to NEVER give up on your dreams. Also, that God will keep his promise to you. Remember to keep going and trust God in the process.



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