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February 2018

    Mink & Sequin: 30 Things that I Learned by 30

    February 19, 2018
    1. Keep God first and truly seek Him. 
    2. Obstacles come to strengthen your faith, don’t get discouraged.
    3. Travel the world when you can & immerse yourself in the culture of that country. 
    4. Keep those that matter close, life is short.
    5. Give back (whether time, money).
    6. Self-care is VITAL.
    7. Do something everyday to better yourself (spiritual, mental, physical or emotional).
    8. Do something that will scare you.
    9. Take yourself on dates. 
    10. Write and speak daily affirmations.
    11. Smile and encourage someone.
    12. When God prompts you to reach out to someone DO it.
    13. Don’t compromise your morals or values for people. 
    14. Invest (investment properties, stocks etc.).  
    15. Don’t settle for less in relationships.
    16. Everyone should try therapy at least once. 
    17. Not everyone will agree with some of your dreams/visions & it’s okay.
    18. Keep those close who will empower, encourage & hold you accountable.
    19. It’s SO important to have your inner circle filled with people who are likeminded.
    20. Don’t stress over the small things, everything works out for your good.
    21. Set healthy boundaries. 
    22. Laugh often.
    23. Feeding the spirit is so necessary, the flesh is WEAK! Whatever you feed more will be stronger.
    24. Eat your greens or juice them daily. 
    25. Let people know you value and appreciate them.
    26. Live your truth.
    27. It’s not about YOU.
    28. Show others grace because God is always showing you grace.
    29. Go after your dreams and don’t let anyone/anything get in your way
    30. Live authentically and be the BEST version of you. If people say you have changed say yes I have, who wants to be in the same place that they were at 20.