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September 2018

    Self Care: Journaling

    September 6, 2018

    Something I decided to put into practice years ago was journaling. I remember going through a difficult time in life where LITERALLY everything was “hitting the fan” my health, family issues, work troubles, relationship issues (situationship) and school was in complete chaos.

    One of my close friends told me about journaling. She said that she would journal her prayers, thoughts, emotions and whatever else she was feeling. Immediately, in January 2011 I decided to purchase a journal and began to write. I remember after I wrote my first entry, I felt so free and that a weight was lifted off my shoulder.

    Fast forward to 2018, I have countless journals from over the years that are filled with prayer requests, praise reports, notes from sermons and just my thoughts and emotions. I feel such a sense of RELIEF when I am able to journal at night on whatever is bothering me or to journal something I am grateful for. This is a self-care practice that I highly recommend. Happy Journaling!