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March 2020

    COVID-19: Peace in the Midst of Chaos

    March 27, 2020

    In the midst of chaos I know how hard it can be to stay peaceful. As many of us are dealing with this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to try to seek peace. Personally, I started to notice myself constantly watching the new, watching videos on social media, engaging in multiple group chats and reading tons of articles, pertaining to the virus. This resulted in me beginning to feel anxious, restless and fearful.

    Then it hit me, what I was constantly consuming, began to manifest fear, doubt and worry in my life.  Thoughts in my mind began racing. I started thinking…Do I have it? How about if someone I know gets it? How long will I be working from home? Will I get paid for the whole time? My trip got canceled when will I be able to travel again? As someone who already suffers with anxiety this rush of negative thoughts was not helping. Chile my mind was was flooded. I immediately realized I was taking in too much information regarding COVID-19, instead of being informed (which is very important). I was drowning myself with this information. I had to remind myself of the verse in the bible 2 Timothy 1:7 that God didn’t give me the spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. I had to protect the peace that God has promised me in His word. I had to remember that he would give me peace that surpasses all understanding (Philipians 4:7). I’ve heard time and time again that peace is not the absence of chaos but you are able to have it in the midst of it, knowing that Gods in control

    Lastly, I realized that had to do some practical things to keep my peace during this time:

    1. Stop watching the news all day everyday, I limit to watching it in the morning after I have prayed and done a devotional;
    2. Feed my mind with positive uplifting and encouraging things;
    3. Meditate (some great youtube videos from Abide and also Headspace app);
    4. Pray;
    5. Listen to music;
    6. Watch some of my favorite comedic shows and movies;
    7. Speak/Read Gods word and affirmations out loud.

    How are you keeping your peace in the midst of the chaos?



    March 27, 2020