Fitness Friday: At Home Workout, Quarantine Edition

April 3, 2020

Does anyone else miss the gym like me *insert crying emoji*?? During this time of quarantine I’m finding it hard to be as active as I would like to be. However, working out is another form of therapy for me and I can see a change in my mood and stress levels when I am not as active.

For that reason, I decided to try different at home workouts to keep my body moving and to release some of those feel good neurotransmitters, endorphins. As some of you may know, I love the Nike Training App (I’ve had it for years and got it when it was free) because it has a variety of workouts that target certain muscle groups, has varying proficiency levels and demos on how to do each workout. 

Also, there are a lot of gyms/studios and trainers who are offering free workouts on their IG lives, Facebook lives, Youtube, directly on their page and on zoom etc. 

Last week, I did a TrillFit workout, which is a cardio dance class that incorporates hip hop music, which I found on their youtube page. It was a great workout and kept me moving! They are also offering classes via zoom, where you can sign up for on their page. One of my close friends and fellow bloggers, Cynthia will be hosting a fitness class on Saturday, April 4 at 12:00pm that I am excited about! 

Below is a list of some of workout opportunities/platforms I mentioned: 

  • Nike Training App
  • Planet Fitness (Facebook live, can still access videos since they’re saved on their page if you don’t have facebook or can’t make the live)
  • Trill Fit
  • Qui2Health (trainer on IG live, check her page she post some great workouts)
  • Fitness Blender on YouTube
  • Go for a walk or run if your state permits (make sure you’re incorporating social distancing!!)

Here’s to keeping ourselves healthy physically and mentally!



April 3, 2020

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