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May 2020

    Wellness Wednesday: Rest and Why You Need It

    May 27, 2020

    Rest is a four letter word that we often neglect and fail to realize the importance of it. I’m guilty of being so “busy” that I do not allow myself to rest which often leads to many negative impacts on my overall health. My body usually will give me a sign that it needs rest and honestly I shouldn’t wait for it to get to that point. Rest not only incorporates your physical health but also your mental and spiritual as well.

    Honestly, taking time to rest is harddddd for me and something I constantly battle with. Whew. I will tell myself okay for these amount of hours I will rest whether that be laying down, enjoying a show or movie on Netflix/Hulu but then I will find myself thinking of other things I have to do and may pull out my phone and check emails. Sigh.

    In this season I am relearning what it means to rest and how that will look like for me. Even God rested on the seventh day not because he needed to but it was to show us the importance of it. I am committing myself to resting all Sunday afternoon/evening. During this time I am going to catch up on some of my favorite shows, indulge in a book or just lay down and do NOTHING!

    When you’re well rested you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the tasks of the week. Also, you’re able to focus a lot more.

    Please let me know what you will do to incorporate rest into your schedule.



    Date: May 27, 2020