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June 2020

    Wellness Wednesday: Therapy and the Importance of Preserving Your Mental Health

    June 17, 2020

    Mental health is a topic that is near and dear to my heart and I promote it any chance that I get. I am an avid therapy goer and believe that taking care of your mental health is vital to your overall well being. 

    These past few weeks have been heavy for us in the Black community. The televised and untelevised murdering of black bodies, racial injustice and the constant calling of police on us for merely existing, as a black person is overwhelming. We cannot forget the many years of oppression and our constant battle with fighting systemic racism. And honestly we are TIEEEDDD. 

    One thing I wanted to highlight on this wellness wednesday is to please take care of your mental health. As someone who has been battling anxiety and depression over the last 15 years ( have found coping mechanisms to handle it) I have seen an increase in some of my symptoms. However, I am slowly incorporating some of the coping mechanisms I learned through therapy to make sure I am preserving my mental health. Also scheduling telehealth appointments with my therapist. 

    I started therapy about two years ago and honestly it has been a game changer to my overall health. And honestly, I wish I had started sooner. My therapist is a Black woman who is very understanding and supportive of my mental health journey. Thanks to my therapist, each session is run on how I am feeling, whether that may be a day to just vent or just get some advice from her. At the end of each session she gives me “homework” to do whether more self reflection, incorporating other coping mechanisms or preparing me to have those tough conversations with others etc.

    Below, I have listed some websites that you can find a therapist on (a lot of therapist are providing telehealth appointments so don’t hesitate to look for one). I know not everyone instantly hits it off with their therapist but you can try different ones out that may suit your needs. Lastly, I highly recommend everyone to see a therapist sometime in their lives, trust me, you’ll be glad you did! (online therapy)



    Date: June 17, 2020