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July 2020

    Black Women Lawyers Matter

    July 31, 2020

    Did you know that only 5% of lawyers are Black and about less than 2% are black women? I know this number is so alarming especially given the percentage of Black people who are incarcerated. 

    I purchased this shirt from Black Girls Do Law and when I wear it it serves as a reminder that my VOICE matters. As a Haitian American Black woman, I know the impact that my voice can have in the legal community

    My journey in the legal field has been one filled with disappointments, failure, rejection and adversity. Getting into law school was a battle and then having to take the bar exam more than once (blog post on this later with tips for success) was a battle as well. However, this journey has taught me perseverance, resilience and also has strengthened my faith in God. 

    When I think about the injustices that we face as Black people and that Breonna Taylors killers are still walking free, it’s infuriating. I implore you to keep fighting for justice and that your voice matters!

    Outfit Details

    Shirt: Black Girls Do Law

    Bermuda Shorts: Sorry don’t remember

    Shoes: ShoeDazzle

    Blazer: NY&CO (similiar one here)





    Date: July 29, 2020